Pix 525 Hub and Spoke VPN


I have a centralized Pix 525 with about a dozen various Pixen 515's,

506's and 501's dynamically connected vwith DES Ipsec VPN's to the static 525 spoke. Recently several of the spokes seem to be clogged with traffic and show signs of lost packets and severe latency delays. HOWEVER, a few of the remote Pix have a dynamic connection programmed for a client and if I connect to that - even from the central network, there are no lost packets or poor latency. Same thing goes if I ping or traceroute in the outside using the gateway routers in front of the Pix, no delay.

Are there any commands or limits as to how the PIX O.S. allocates bandwidth? None of the Pixen seem to be using much more than 5-10% of CPU and memory utilization looks o.k.

I'm looking for any ideas because I don't have a clue.


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