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I am going to be setting up a PIX 515E, and need to set up vpn. I have asdm installed. I am just wondering if there is anything i need to do to let the clients use remote desktop on the network. I have 4 ethernet adapters in the pix. The outside address is, and the inside address of e2 is I need to use vpn client to connect to the pix, and be able to access the network through e3. Also, i will need to allow traffic for printer re-direction that remote desktop uses. The users will need to connect to the PIX, and use remote desktop on the server Let me know if there is specific steps in setting this up other than the vpn wizard. Do i need to add an access list, a route, or anything like that?

Thanks in advance, Jason

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it's always good practice to add the route statements in the pix (even though you shouldn't need them). The wizard should take you through with no problem. Make sure you add a route on your internal router back to the pix for each of the pools you set up...

Good luck and let me know if you have any problems....

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I am going to need only one pool of users. There will be around 8 users in this pool. We have been using PPTP to connect to the old router HotBrick, but we have upgraded to the PIX for more options.

I would like to set up Remote Desktop forwarding first, so that i can get my users working again. Then, when i get the vpn working, i can switch them over one by one.

Will i need VPN Client to connect, or can i still use MS software vpn?

Also, what route would i need to add to my router?

This is my setup...

Remote Users------Internet------Cisco1750------CiscoPIX-------LAN

Do i need to open port 3389 on my 1750 as well as my pix for remote desktop?

Thanks Jason

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