Need simple PIX 501 configuration help

I've got a PIX 501 I need to deliver tomorrow for someone else to install. The configuration needs to change from the original request. I'm still pretty new at this firewall configuration. I need to make sure I have the correct configuration for: global nat static I find these command a little confusing. Basically, I have an external static IP address with a mask of and I've been provided an external route. The inside network is Since this is a drop in replacement for another firewall, the inside address of the PIX 501 will be The other piece is the necessary commands for configuring for inbound VPN (Cisco Unity client) connections. There will only be 3 users who might connect and likely never more than 1 at a time, so it seems reasonable to just use username/passwords defined on the PIX. (This network doesn't host any services. It's just some PCs, printers, and a file server. The users connect to a POP server at an ISP for their email.) With this in mind, what do I use for global, nat and static. Also, what commands do I need to get VPN client connectivity with username/passwords for 3 people? Thanks much!

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