Pix 501

My vpn ip address pool is -

  1. Can I define the inside network to be on subnet?
  2. Can I do this? | | machine A interface || --------------- || port 0 of PIX router|| and | | machine B interface || ----------------- || port 1 of PIX router||

If everything above is yes, when connected to via vpn, will pix router know to route ip via port 1?

Thanks in advance

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Yes; however, machine B will likely not be reachable over any VPN that gets its address from the vpn IP address pool.

Probably not, but sometimes it works even though it really should not.

Your VPN ip address pool should be an IP range that is not in the same subnet as your inside interface, so that your inside hosts will know they have to route to the VPN hosts instead of trying to connect to them directly over the local LAN.

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Walter Roberson

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