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If i have e.g. a c1720 and a c7200 interconnected by dual E1, is there a way to measure the bandwidth, throughput or similar using some integrated tools?


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Matthias Gruber
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If by intergated you mean built in to IOS then you have two options.

  1. Use the extended ping.

ping x.x.x.x size 20000 repeat 1000000

Use more than one telnet session to create as many pings as you need until the throughput stops increasing as you add sessions.

load-interval 30 is your friend.

The 1720 may or may not be able to saturate the links. You may find that you get more bang for your buck by originating from one end or the other.

  1. Enterprise software I believe incorporates ttcp.
  2. There may be something useful in SAA but I doubt it. Service Assurance Agent.
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I'd guess that with those platforms you'll get 4Mbps, with a maximum of

2Mbps for any single stream of data, but that depends on exactly which 7200 variant you have and how it's configured.

Better yet, use systems beyond the routers at each end - I don't know the performance of the 1720, and the OP doesn't say which model and NPE is in the 7200, but routers are built to forward a lot more traffic than they can generate or respond too.


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