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I have a few Aironet 1200 access points in my company and just recently I decided to add a second SSID on a second VLAN for "guest" access. The had me trunk the ports to my switches.

I've never had to pay attention to the "native vlan" commands before until now. I noticed that they did not work properly util I configured both the trunked switch port and access point as the same native VLAN on the primary vlan that I use, which is VLAN 2.

Is there any reason to do that? Or should I just leave it as VLAN 1, despite the fact most of this particular switch uses VLAN 2?

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u can leave it to vl1 but then both sides(AP and Switchport) have to be set vl1 as the native VL. in dot1q-Trunks all traffic within the native Vl is not tagged with an vl-ID. Its less switching overhead for your normal Lan(or WLAN) if u configure your mamagement Vl ( i think its 2) as the native VL on all trunking ports.

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