Multiple point to point t1s

I have 6 customers that I need to deliver point to point t1 lines to from our data center. I am posting in hopes that someone on this list can guide me in the proper direction in regards to what hardware would be best to use. Currently I have a single point to point connection using a single router with csu/dsu on both ends. What would be the best way to terminate the other t1s at our data center. We may also need to provide more lines in the future. What is the best way for us to scale?

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Scale how far and how much is your budget?

Of course, you can start out providing one small router (ie. 2800) per T1 or two or three at the datacenter, but you'll have to keep buying

2800's as you scale up.

You could probably push 10-12 T1s through a 3841 or so for more money before you'd have to buy a 2nd to handle more.

The best bang for the buck though is probably going to come in the cisco 7200 series once you are up around 10 T1s anyway. 8-port T1 cards are fairly cheap on this chassis, and you could easily fill up all slots and do 48 T1s coming in on 8-port T1 cards.

At this point you'd have to also consider if you'd want to maintain that many copper pairs coming in, and you may get pricing breaks starting around 12 T1s to start get them over DS3s instead (ie. the savings on the T1 terminations addup more than the DS3 costs). The PA-MC-T3 and the like cards for the 7200 will take a DS3 and mux them out internally. One DS3 cable set to maintain to handle 28 T1s at once, and you can really grow on DS3 cards on the 7200. I don't think you could really push the 336 T1s you could get on 6 dual T3 controllers even with the NPE-G2 but it certainly gets you pretty dense T1 termination on one box.

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