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My company is trying to convert all our routers to MPLS configuration. Right now we have several remote sites with point to point connections to our corporate headquarters using frame relay with rip as the ip protocol.

For testing purposes we have ordered a seperate line through the same isp as our existing network uses and I am trying to test to make sure I can get it working before "go live" with it. Here is my problem...

I have a test router on the new line at the remote facility and a test router on the headquarter side that communicate to each other just fine.

The "test" router at the headquarters side is connected via ethernet interface to the existing network that all trafic flows. From the remote side test router, I am able to communicate to the headquarter side test router but am not able to touch the existing network.

I am very green when it comes to cisco router config but i would imagine I should be able to forward traffic to the existing network from the test headquarters ethernet interface... ANy help would be appreciated and if you need to see configs then let me know.

Thanks alot, Joey

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Hi Joey,

You may wish to investigate your respective Cisco Router Configuration Documentation:

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hay joe:

For MPLS to work you need to have MPLS in the hole network, actually you need to have MPLS config in some interfaces that has to become neighbors.

Sen us your config i a will try to help you...

best regards.

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