Hi all, is there a site somewhere that will show me an configuration example of MPLS with QoS profiles


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Everything that I've needed I've found on

formatting link
and it was pretty good (ok, some things work differently than it is stated in documentation, bu nobody's perfect).

Just use search with MPLS and QoS keywords.

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OK I have found some configuration examples but it has left me confused

class-map match-all INTERACTIVE-VOIP match ip dscp cs5 match access-group 101 ! class-map match-all ORACLE match ip dscp af21 match access-group 103

The dscp values I guess are program specfifc, so all VOIP DSCP will have the same value, is this correct? Is there a list of programes along with their DSCP values anywhere on the net, I have searced but so far not found anything



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