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One of my cusotmers who has 4 locations wants each locaiton conencted via an MPLS network. This is all based on them loving the buzz of MPLS. I have tried to steer them to a fully meshed frame network or a point to point network but they just want MPLS or I lose their business.I donot currently have any MPLS structure on my network so I am wondering if I terminate all their T1s onto one of my 7206VXR routers can I accomplish what they want or do I need seperate ingress/egress MPLS routers etc? I have checked Cisco;s site for smaple configs and nothing any where close to having a single/central MPLS router is on there.

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Yes, you can use a single 7206 as a MPLS PE device.

Just make sure your IOS supports MPLS VPNs. This is one IOS/feature-set which does: c7200-p-mz.120-27.S5.bin

If you want a fully meshed topology, you could even attach all 4 locations' T1s to a single VRF.

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If all the circuits terminate on a single router than you will be using VRF-lite. This doesn't technically involve any mpls switching. Just separation of the virtual routing table and is achieved simply by splopping "ip vrf forwarding $foo" on each interface and tying it to the VRF created.

Incidentally the customer would probably never be able to determine the difference between a frame and MPLS vpn.

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