Non-Standard Use of MPLS

Dear MPLS-Experts,

I am aware that MPLS is intended to be used for switching purposes, but I was wondering if anyone knows about implementations or plans that make use of MPLS in a non-standard way, like

- MPLS is still used to make forwarding decisions, but the stack contains also non-forwarding relevant information either in Exp bits or in separate labels (type of information possibly identified by Exp bits) Or

- The MPLS stack is only used as a "vehicle" to encode additional non-forwarding relevant information. Forwarding decisions are still based on the underlying protocol (e.g. IPv4).

When talking about non-forwarding relevant data, I am thinking of information used for encryption, network statistics, billing, etc ...

If there is anything out there (or maybe planed by IETF or whoever) that makes use of MPLS-like stacks as described above, I would be happy to hear about it (URLs, papers, ...).

Thanks and have a nice weekend!


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