LAN, Switching and Routing: Cat 3524 switch better at streaming than 4503, why?

Hi all We have a phone recording equipment with some 20 PC clients streaming conversation recordings to a server. Everything is running TCP/IP and ethernet, nothing special there and I had all clients and the server connected to the same WS-X4548-GB-RJ45V line card in our L2 only 4503 Sup II+TS. As the number of recordings increased I started to get reports of stuttering and unhearable recordings on the server. What I did was I removed all cabling from the clients and the server and stuck them in a separate 3524 10/100 switch and there has been no problem since.

As far as I remember the 3524 had been on the shelf for about 2 years and has a default setup. I have a rough understanding of the 4503 architecture and the multiplexing but I had no idea there was these sort of limitations. The amount of data sent isn't that large either, roughly 6mbit/sec is flowing into the server at any time. Anyone has an idea why a EURO 500 switch is better at streaming than a EURO 10.000 switch? I know this is a loose question but I need somewhere to start.

Regards Fredrik

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