Inter-LAN routing

We will soon be moving some servers over to a datacentre, and i am trying to figure out how we will route between the two locations. Here is a description of what we will need to do:

Office Cisco ASA5520 Cisco ASA5520Datacentre

Office subnet:

Office ASA: 1 Datacentre ASA: 2

the line between the 2 ASA's is a 'private' fibre connection.

ASA1 LAN ip is ASA1 fibre ip is ASA2 fibre ip is ASA2 LAN ip is open

I have three questions:

1) Can I run the subnet in the datacentre? If so, how does this compare (efficiency, security, convenience) with choosing a different subnet. Choosing a different subnet is not that big a deal considering what we're doing, but not having to do so would save us from having to change a whole bunch of server ip addresses over.

2) How do I go about configuring the routing between the two ASA's to allow the traffic to flow in both directions unrestricted? Only unicast traffic is necessary.

3) If NAT is necessary, what type of NAT (or PAT) should I be using?

Thanks in advance.


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I am not familiar with the ASA but I scanned the brochure.

THe tidy thing to do is to use a different subnet for the ASA2 LAN. There may be workarounds for this but do you want to start out a new data centre with workarounds in critical areas of the design?

If you dont want any security maybe you have the wrong platform?

I frankly would consider 3750 switch. They you can change to GBE (unless you have that already?) if your bandwidth requirement grows.

3750 is wire speed IP router as well as a L2 switch.
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