Just Need Most Basic Router Config For Internet Connectivity - Please Help!!

I'm sure the answer to this question must be simple but try as I might, I can't get it to work! My situation is as follows:

I have an NTL Broadband Cable Modem which is ordinarily connected to a Belkin Wireless G Router (although I don't use the wireless capability

- just cables). Everything works fine. I want to swap this Belkin Wireless G Router for a Cisco 831 router running IOS 12.2 for reasons relating to my job.

With the full (and I think somewhat complicted!) config that was already on the router, I had no Internet connectivity at all. In order to troubleshoot, I stripped down the config to what I thought was the very most basic config required with the intention of putting it back line by line afterwards. Specifically, my basic config is as follows:

'ip address dhcp' on the external interface.

'ip address' on the internal interface.

'ip dhcp pool DHCPPool network default-router dns-server'

'ip route ethernet1'

The router picks up an '81.102.x.x' IP address on the external interface just as it should however, still no connectivity whatsoever to the outside world.

Please help! I must be missing something but I don't know what it is! Many thanks in advance!

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you will need to add NAT to you config.

access-list 1 permit ip nat inside source list 1 int eth1 overload interface ethernet 0 ip nat inside interface ethernet 1 ip nat outside no ip route ethernet1 ip route dhCP

this should work. make shure that your dns is reachable. dont´t forget to implement some security features.

regards andre

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Andre Janssen

Thank you so much for your response Andre - you certainly pointed me in the right direction!

I had to further 'tweak' the default route to get it working though - it is now 'default route ethernet1 permanent'.

I now have my full config back in place including all security.

Thank you again!

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