is mac address changed when being routed?

Hello ~: i have a confusing concept problem that i need help !! there are two switches, and those are connected to Router A. and please look at this following facts: switch A has connection to host A. switch B has connection to host B.

Like this: host B | Router A __Switch B | switch A __host A

My question is "What will be the source mac address of the frames that hostA receives from hostB?"

I answered this question as "The Mac address of router interface.", but the correct answer was "The Mac address of hostB mac address.."!!!!

How come..? I hope this question has wrong answer itself !!!

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You were correct. MAC addresses pass through switches, but not through routers.

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Barry Margolin


it's hard to tell from the textual diagram, but the key is how the switches are connected to each other, and to the router - ??

ie - if they all are on the same ethernet and can "see" each other directly, then the MAC would just go across from one switch to another.

However - if the switches are connected to TWO interfaces on the router, then the frames would have to pass THRU the router MAC interfaces.

Also - even if they all are on the same physical segment, if the "transmission" is using a routed protocol like TCP/IP between two subnets on the same general infrastructure, then the router again would have to route the packets, and the Ethernet frames would have the router MAC address.

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