static nat not working

i'm dying here...can anyone figure this out. here's the issue: trying to connect from outside to inside thru pix501 running 6.3(3). I have no problem getting from host A to host B on the inside using static NAT but when I try to get from host A to host C on the inside, I get this TCP request discarded error.

I want to be able to connect from hostA to pixInt port 35354, which the pix should then nat to hostC ( on port 61234 and doesn't work. when I connect to pixInt port 35353 it gets converted quite nicely to port 80 on hostB

305011: Built static TCP translation from inside: to outside:pixInt-IP/35354 302013: Built inbound TCP connection 15016 for outside:HostA-IP/4183 (HostA-IP/4183) to inside: (pixInt-IP/35354) 710005: TCP request discarded from HostA-IP/4184 to outside:pixInt-IP/61234

pertinent lines from config:

static (inside,outside) tcp interface 35354 61234 netmask 0 0 access-list 100 permit tcp any interface outside eq 35354


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