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We have problems with IPX. Clients do not configure automatically. If network-address and type (802.3) are set manually, they work. But they do not configure automatically. The router-config has not been changed. Can this be a problem of the router?

Thanks. Joe

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christian maanz
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What operating system is being used on PCs?

What type of switch do they connect to?

Are the switch portsconfigured to use the portfast feature ?

The first thing an IPX client does is to issue a GNS request (get nearest server), A cisco router will respond to a GNS request thus providing the client with its network address.

You can load a sniffer (Etherreal) on one of the problem PCs and see whether the GNS request and response are occurring.

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Thank you.

Is it also possible to debug GNS on the cisco router? Do I find it in debug sap ... or debug ipx ... ?


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christian maanz

Did you verify that portfast is enabled on the switches that the problem PCs are connected to ?

You could use debug ipx packet. Be aware that every IPX packet will be displayed, so I would NOT recommend this.

It is very easy to install and run Ethereal - see (

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). It install like any other Windows package.

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