ipv6 bgp strange effect

When we set up bgp ipv6 peering on a 7260 npe-g1 with ios 12,3(13) en do a
sh bgp neigh xxxx:yyyy::zzzz, we get this output
Sent Rcvd
Prefix activity: ---- ----
Prefixes Current: 0 1
Prefixes Total: 1 1
Implicit Withdraw: 1 0
Explicit Withdraw: 0 0
Used as bestpath: n/a 0
Used as multipath: n/a 0
according to my knowledge this would mean that our peering parner doesn't
receive/use any prefix of us. But he has us in his routing table, comming
from this peering session.
Is this a bug? All of our ipv6 peerings have this strange effect.
Everything works without problems, just this problem in the show command
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Hi Arne,
Either your ISP or one of its Upstream Providers filter these routes out.
Some ISPs filter out any prefix with a prefix length longer than /24 or class B prefixes with a prefix length longer than /20 or /21.
Hope this helps.
Brad Reese BradReese.Com - Cisco Repair
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Hi Brad
I'm the ISP on the one side. I set up IPv6 (not v4) peering. The remote parties are actually receiving AND using our prefix. So everything works fine, only the ouput of the sh bgp command seems "different from reality"
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