Alternatives to Cisco and IOS

I am looking for a Internet router/firewall in which I can programmically configure. I don't need any special "functionallity" in the unit, just the standard types of features one gets in the low end home unit. The one feature I do need is the ability to easily configure the unit via my own custom Windows/Linux program.

From my understanding of IOS, the Cisco 881 or 851 is a perfect solution. There is one problem, my customers are mom and pop folks that cannot see purchasing such expensive hardware. I am wondering... Might someone here know of hardware other then Cisco that has a programmer interface to configure the unit? I know they all have web interfaces that I could programmically interact with, but I would like something a bit more stable and consistent.

If this is the wrong forum for such a question, which I am guessing it is, any recommendations on what forum is the right one?

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Buy some hardware with big enough RAM/Flash -

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- install openwrt and modify it as you want. Just keep in mind GPL license if you want to modify someone's soft.

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Sławomir Kawa

Sound like a job for IP Cop. I have one running on a Pentium III

333gHz for a couple of years. When you install it, it installs its on distribution of Linux. It is easy to admin. It has VPN etc.

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Mom and Pop will love you.

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