IGRP Default Times Question

IGRP timers are (by default):

Update: 90 seconds Invalid: 3 x update

Hold-down: 3 x update plus ten seconds

Flush timer: 7 x update

Question: If the update timer is changed by the administrator, do the values of the other timers change according to these rules (3 x new update value) or do they stay the same (3 x default update value)?


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Fred Atkinson
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I believe that all timers values must be specified in the timer basic command within the IGRP routing process:

router igrp 1 timers basic update invalid holddown flush [sleeptime] exit

Cisco recommends preserving the ratios between the default values should new values for the timers be configured, but I do not believe it calculates these automatically (i.e if you change one, then change all)

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