Cisco Aironet 1200 AP - Radio Channel Selection

In the Aironet 1200 AP configuration, there is an option to select a specific channel the AP will use, but there is also an option to set it automatically to "LEAST CONGESTED CHANNEL/FREQUENCY".

With "Least congested Channel/frequency" selected - the device is suppose to scan for a channel that is least busy and selects it for use. This is done everytime during power up and when radio settings are changed.

If there is no restrictions for which channel for me to use and I want to roll out a bunch of these to provide wireless coverage to an area - would there be any disadvantage or problems in using this automatic channel setting for all the APs instead of manually selecting a channel for each one?


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hax3 schrieb:

IMHO don't use automatic selection in the 2.4GHz band.

If during the scan the neighbouring AP has no traffic the channel may be considered free.

If you don't have other tools, you can scan manually with the AP a few times before manually selecting a channel.

But if you neighbour uses channel bonding Super-G all channels there is no overlap free channel left :-(

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Uli Link

I agree dont use auto selection. as you stated it only checks during startup of the radio. you should choose from channels 1/6/11

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Barry Gross

Barry Gross schrieb:

I can choose from 1,7,13. I'm in Europe :-)

If there is too much overlap it is possible to select 1,4,9 and 13 with very little performance impact as final effort.

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