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I manage a Support Desk and we have 300+ sites that use Cisco 1200 Access Points. We have an issue with users authenticating and often receiveing the following error:

You do not have valid Protected Access Credentials (PAC), the PAC you provided does not match the authentication server, or the PAC is expired. You may proceed with authenticating if the server supports auto provisioning. Do you want to proceed and accept auto provisioning?

If they say YES the following error pops up: Unable to authenticate wireless client. Make sure you have entered the

correct user name and password and try again. If you are using and old

PAC with this profile and have not logged on to the network for a long period of time, the PAC may be expired. You may need to delete the old

PAC if auto provisioning is enabled or import a new PAC manually.

Then begins the vicious circle of invalid PAC's and entering AD user name and passwords with no progress being made.

Any ideas?

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Jason Brink
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Hi Jason,

You may wish to investigate Cisco's 1200 Protected Access Credential (PAC):

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Hope this helps.

Brad Reese

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