how to get mac connected to 3725/3745/3825 fastethernet module


is there a CLI command to view single or all mac-adresses of active nodes connected to a single or all ports of a 16/36 port fastethernet module in a cisco 3725/3745/3825 router?

TIA, Stefan

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Stefan Finzel
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I've never run a switch module in a router, but I would guess show arp, show cam dynamic, or show mac-address-table would have to work. And in theory, show arp should work along with one of the other two to support layer 2 troubleshooting.

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Hi Stefan,

sh mac-addr

usually does this for me on a 3750 (a Layer 2 device), however for a Router (Layer 3) you probably need to start with

sh arp

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The 16/36 port FastEthernet NME module is a 3750 on a stick. It is managed and configured completly independent of the router. You need to telnet to the module, or "session" to it from the router. You would then use the "show mac-address" command to show all of the known MAC addresses.

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