How To Build Own Console Cable

Went down to the local electronics store and bought a ribbon cable and an RJ-45F to DB9F adapter.

But now that I'm looking at documentation, I'm confused. As best I can tell, BOTH wires 4 and 5 from the ribbon cable have to go to pin 5 on the DB9. However, the leads are already clamped firmly on the wires. There is no way I can possibly cut the lead off, splice the wires, and then get the lead back on.

I just want to make sure I'm reading this correctly. Do I really need to splice wires 4 and 5 to pin 5 on the DB9?

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The both are grounds. Its good to have ground, although in reality, you can probably have one or the other be ground, and everything will pick it up correctly.

What I normally do when doing what you are doing is snip off the crimped on pin, strip the wire, carefully strip some of the wire off the other ground wire, and twist together. A little heat shrink tube should be fine, or electrical tape (which won't hold very well on such little wires).

All of Cisco's cable sets are custom made, and they have both wires crimped onto the pin in the shell or under the molded hood.

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Doug McIntyre

I found the best way is to use DB-9/DB-25 to RJ45 adapters. Use the cisco supplies ones or buy kits and pin out the same as the cicso ones.

By using the various adapters and either a rolled cisco cable with the RJ-45 on each end, or a straight wired LAN cable with all four pairs can adapt to almost anything. a couple of gender changers helps also.

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