How to allow access through Cisco ASA

Can someone help me with this.

We have an ASA doing NAT for our network. We have a webserver on our network.

Lets say the IP address for the wan port on the ASA is When I am on the network, I cant seem to access the webserver by going to If however I am on my home network and on the internet, I can access the webserver The port 80 forwarding rule is in place and works fine.

So you see, for some reason, the ASA is blocking me when I am going out through it and back in.

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Yes. That's exactly how the ASA security model works. It's easier to work around if you use DNS [eg split views in bind].

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This is what I have, I changed

access-list OutsideISP_access_in extended permit tcp any interface OutsideISP eq https access-list OutsideISP_access_in extended permit tcp any host eq www access-list OutsideISP_pnat_inbound extended permit tcp interface OutsideISP eq https interface InsideStaff eq https static (InsideStaff,OutsideISP) tcp interface https https netmask can be reached from the internet when I go to,however, when I am on the 10.55.5.x local network and try to visit it doesn't work.

Is there a way to make it work?

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visithttp:// doesn't work.


There were a couple of ways you could do this on the old PIX's, nameley DNS Doctoring (6.2) and the alias commands.

I know the ASA suports DNS Doctoring but am unsure about the alias command.

Just do a search on and you shoud find a number of helful articles.




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Darren Green

why not just modify your *host* file on your windows box your using to browse on the internet (within the LAN/WAN of that router) .. eg

webserver 10.x.x.x

that way when your in your browser, you just type in webserver and you get in to your site (its a work around, but it does work)

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