how much ram for entire i'net bgp table?

how much ram would i need to comfortably house the entire internet routing table?


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John Smith
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In O'Reilly's "Cisco Cookbook" they claim that you shouldn't mess with the full internet table if your router don't has at least a 100 megs of RAM. According to this book each routing prefix consumes about 1 KB, but you need to have enough room for routing table, CEF table and BGP table.

B.R. Igor

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Igor Mamuzic

With 2 full tables and soft-reconfiguration inbound, go with 256MB of DRAM.

Regards, Steve

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Is there still any need for "soft-reconfiguration inbound"? Cisco redesigned soft reconfiguration a few years ago so it didn't require the receiver to keep extra data.

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