Help with NAT Mapping please

I've set up what I thought was a NAT mapping on my 1721 to ensure that all outbound traffic on port 25 presents itself as coming from a different IP address than the main router one by adding the following

ip nat inside source static tcp 25 25 extendable

Where is the IP address I want it to come from and is the routers IP address as defined in the Dialer1 interface (I'm connecting via ADSL) ip address

What have I done wrong and have I posted up enough information?

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Gordon Philip
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Have you tried "show ip nat translation" to confirm that the mapping has been done after initiating an outbound smtp connection? Depending on the nat expiry time you might not see any translation at all.

Try this NAT statement: ip nat inside source static This will give the internal IP a permanent translation to the external IP for any sort of traffic.

Hope this helps,


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