GLBP on C837

Does the C837 supports GLBP in any of it IOS? I have not been able to find one.

Currently I use HSRP v2 between one C1721 and a C837, but no GLBP.

I think that the C837 doesn't support GLBP..

Can someone help me finding it out?

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Elia Spadoni
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Doesn't look like it, see the first section with the IOS/Hardware support matrix.

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Supported Platforms

Cisco 1700 series, Cisco 2600 series, Cisco 3620, Cisco 3631, Cisco 3640, Cisco 3660, Cisco 3725, Cisco 3745, Cisco 7100 series, Cisco 7200 series, Cisco 7400 series, Cisco 7500 series


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Elia Spadoni

Cisco Feature Navigator says no. Oddly enough they list an 836 as having it, but thats the only one of its class listed. I'm going to guess on the side that the listing of the 836 is a mistake, and none of the early 800 routers supported it at all.

The 881/887/888 are listed, but they are much newer, and have alot more CPU and RAM in them.

Your best bet is probably to match up the 1721 with an 1801 or 1841, both of which are listed as supporting it.

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Doug McIntyre

Hello yes I think so, that the 836 is a mistake.

However I have a lot of 2600 (even not XM) that supports the GLBP.

Thank you for you support info.


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Elia Spadoni

Well, the model number generally specs the "size" (capacity/feature set/etc) of the box, not necessarily the age of things driving what features are included.

I'd expect a 2600 to support more features than a 1800, which in turn would support more features than an 800. Even if you had an 877 with loads more Flash and RAM than a 2600 does, it doesn't necessarily do all that a 2600 can, and a 2600 can't do all that the 3800 can do.

Yes, Cisco is a bit fickle about it, but this is a general truth.

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