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Has anybody found anything from Cisco on how to spot fake gear? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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There are a lot of ways to spot fake Cisco, with a too good to be true low price being the very first one.

However, it is too dangerous to "publicly disclose" this information as the counterfeiters will use it to "correct" their mistakes.

Should you have any information regarding counterfeit transactions you may wish to offer a "confidential tip" to the Gray Market Trading and Counterfeit Technology Sales Tip Line:

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Brad Reese BradReese.Com - Cisco Network Engineer Directory

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The fakes are pretty good. The price is your best consideration.

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Doug McIntyre

If the "fake", I would rather say CLONE gear works, and comes with a warranty, and costs less, why do you care?

I think that it is about time Cisco enter the free market and start charging their customers reasonable prices.


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Because if you don't realize its fake and send it back to cisco for repair, they may confiscate it and you'll be out the part, and the money spent for it? I don't know of many people who 5-6 months down the road remember where exactly they bought such-and-such card or memory stick..

I got stuck with some counterfeit Intel Ethernet cards that I paid normal street price for, and Intel confiscated them as counterfeit and I was out the dough. Bought them from a reputable web-store that is still around. (Intel had alerted me ahead of the time that they suspected they were and would do so, but I was already out the bucks, and the cards didn't work). So I won't ever by from zipzoomfly ever again.

OOTH, if they can get customers that want solid gear and are willing to pay the cost...

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Doug McIntyre

a while back I ran into many fake T-1 wic V2's... so many infact, that I got pissed at Cisco for not doing more to stop this problem (shutting down partners that sell fake gear in USA) that I changed my Access router vendor. that is all we have to do.. just buy from Tasman networks, or whoever else is for sure not counterfeit...

here is a l> "haydude" writes:

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Hi Joe,

Publishing this information to "point-out" the mistakes made my Counterfeiters is only helping them.

They have since corrected the "Stewart" mistake.


Brad Reese Cisco Repair

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