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I recently deleted one of my nat statements because i needed to change the address the inside was being natted to. well i removed the old and added a new. i see it in the running config. but when i ping from the outside world, the old address still answers and the new one does not. what could i be missing? i had to do this while the internal server was still up and running, could it be holding on to that public ip until i reboot both the pix and the server?


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You will have to do a "clear xlate global x.x.x.x" to clear the old nat.

You should be able to see the current translations by doing a "sho xlate"

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Deleting the translation rule does not delete the translation itself .

To do so , do a "clear xlate" . You can see the existing translation with "sh xlate".

As soon as the xlate for your inside IP is deleted it will create a new one using your new rule . No reboot is needed.

Be carefull , if you do a "clear xlate" without specification you will clear all xlates , and will disconnect all existing sessions , wich may be (or may be not ) critical, depending on the nature of services provided through your PIX.

clear xlate [global | local ip1[-ip2] [netmask mask]] lport | gport port[-port]] [interface if1[,if2][,ifn]] [state static [,dump] [,portmap] [,norandomseq] [,identity]]

show xlate [detail] [global | local ip1 [-ip2] [netmask mask]] lport | gport port [-port]] [interface if1 [,if2] [,ifn]] [state static [,dump] [,portmap] [,norandomseq] [,identity]] [debug] [count]

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Thanks so much! everything is ok now.

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