EIGRP, BPG, and Redistribution

I have 3 sites connected together using EIGRP for routing. SiteA is the core - SiteB and SiteC connect to the core via FrameRelay. We have now added an MPLS link between SiteB and SiteC. The ISPs MPLS routers use BGP. I want to route traffic between SiteB and SiteC over this MPLS link.

My Question is: How do I configure the redistribution for the EIGRP routes? Do I redis EIGRP into BGP, or is it the reverse? Or do I redis EIGRP>BGP AND BGP>EIGRP?


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router bgp 2992 redistribute eigrp 393

router eigrp 393 redistribute bgp 2992

How and what you redistribute can be configured using distribute lists.


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