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I am trying to set up a test env for evaluation of an EAP-FAST server. and for that I need a compatible client ( peer / supplicant ) and a NAS. I have a laptop that seems to be having Intel=AE PRO/Wireless

3945ABG Network Connection card and as per its documentation it supports EAP-FAST, I have agies and odessey/funk client ( evaluation) for that. Now for NAS ( access point ) I am not sure .. there are few from cisco aironet that claims that they support eap-fast. and few access point from linksys that support 802.1x with lesser price. I need to buy one for my testing but not sure if linksys would do.

Can someone please suggest the correct one .. with details.

Another question is, what do we mean by NAS/access point supporting EAP-FAST. if its 802.11 compliant shouldnt it support all eap types such as eap-ttls , eap-tls or eap-fast for that matter.

thanks a lot.


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Hi Sachin,

You may also wish to post to the Linksys Forum:

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Any AP that supports EAP (802.1x / WPA-Enterprise / 802.11i) should be able to support EAP-FAST through it.

The Cisco Aironet APs also include built in EAP-FAST RADIUS server (intended to support at most 50 clients).

Hope this helps.


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Aaron Leonard

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