EAP SIM and EAP AKA methods with WZCSVC

Hi, I am developing the protocols of authentication EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA. It is necessary that they work in the environment of Windows 2000 and XP with the service WZCSVC. The functionality of this service to connect to the access point (AP) is correct in all the supported cases by the "WZCSetInterface" function.

The DLLs(EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA) are developed and correctly installed in the register of windows. In the path: HKLM\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\RasMan\\PPP\\EAP

My problem is that I cannot find information about how to execute or activate these EAP's DLLs after the connection by means of "WZCSetInterface" function is made.

In my copy of file "wzcsapi.h", the struct WZC_WLAN_CONFIG only have defined the WZC_EAPOL_PARAMS member for the 802.1x parameters if "Windows CE" environment is defined, not for 2000 or XP.

In the WZC_WLAN_CONFIG struct for 2000 and XP there is no room for the

802.1x parameters and information, in order to execute the protocol EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA and/or any other EAP method or i do not know where.

In any case it does not work either with the WZC_EAPOL_PARAMS struct or I don=B4t know how.

I do not know how I have to call the functions of the library WZCSAPI.DLL, nor in what order, in order to activate the 802.1x protocols. Some of the related functions of the WZCSAPI.DLL are the following:

CreateEapcfgNode DestroyEapcfgNode EapcfgNodeFromKey ReadEapcfgList WZCEapolFreeState WZCEapolGetCustomAuthData WZCEapolGetInterfaceParams WZCEapolQueryState WZCEapolReAuthenticate WZCEapolSetCustomAuthData WZCEapolSetInterfaceParams WZCEapolUIResponse WZCEapolUserLogOff WZCEapolUserLogOn WZCGetEapUserInfo .=2E.

Any source code sample about this question will be welcome. Any help on this status message would be very appreciated too.

Sorry for my bad English.

Best regards,=20 Frank

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"frank" hath wroth:

You didn't mention what development environment you're using. Code samples are often compiler specific.

Are you trying to add GSM smart card authentication per RFC4186 to Microsoft Wireless Zero Config?

Why are you talking directly to the driver instead of using the NDIS interface? Much easier with NDIS. See:

802.1x authentication is directly supported with NDIS:

Microsoft code samples:

I don't know if there's anything in there that will be useful but it's worth looking.

Open Source 802.1x authenticator and supplicant:

This might also be of interest:

Spain? Your English is fine.

Also, I am not a programmer.

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Jeff Liebermann

Jeff Liebermann ha escrito:

My development environment is C++.

Yes, I am trying to add GSM smart card authentication with PC/SC devices, but this issue already is resolved in the DLL. The problem is how to execute or to activate these EAP DLL when the connection by means of "WZCSetInterface" function is established.

Because with the NDIS interface you have to programm a manager agent and all other protocols like WPA, WPA2, EAP-TLS, EAP-MD5, .... and that all is what does the component WZCSVC. It is of more high level that the NDIS. But the eap-sim in not suported by wzcsvc component.

Thank you for these link. They have a lot of information.

Yes. Thank you for your comments.

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