dial backup with 1750

Has anyone made unattended dial backup work with a Cisco 1750?

I have it working if I actually unplug the ethernet0 int, but otherwise, the async5 never comes up.


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For the standard dial backup to work you have to loose carrier on the interface. Since you probably have some kind of router (dsl/cable "modem") in front of your 1750, when the internet connection goes down the ethernet is still up, hence no dial backup.

Oddly enough this was a long standing problem for Cisco that was dealt with much earlier by the dsl "modem"/router manufacturers. But Cisco did get around to fixing it. I wish I could remember what it's called by Cisco, someone out there is sure to, but it involves a background process that checks for an IP address on the internet. When it's unreachable the connection is assumed to be "down" and the backup becomes active.

The 1700 might not even support this. If it does it will have to be a fairly current IOS.

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RC schrieb:

I guess you are talking about the "dialer watch" feature, which does exactly what you describe.

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