DHCP PPPoE Client not supported by IOS?

Hello, All!

Could you help me, please, and tell how to configure DHCP PPPoE client for Cisco 1720 with external DSL modem? I cannot beleive that this is not supported by Cisco IOS.

Regards, Oleg snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com

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it does support the pulling of an address via PPPoE you just need the right feature set.

" To support PPPoE, you must have the ADSL+PLUS feature set. The ADSL-only feature set does not support PPPoE on the Cisco 1700. "

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you could typificate your case as the shown on the following picture:

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where the dsl external modem is a cisco dsl cpe doing brindging and your

1720 as the final ppoe client. instead using dhcp you negotiate the address over ppo, you can either negogiate the address over ppp or do dhcp but not both, since you are using pppoe for adsl the you must negogiate the address over ppp.

let us know if that helps..

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