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I will deploy ntp in my network and I need provide ntp server redundancy for clients. I will have two 7600 as stratum 1 device. But in cisco document,it said "Servers that provide synchronization to a sizeable population of clients normally operate as a group of three or more mutually redundant servers, each operating with three or more stratum 1 or stratum 2 servers in client/server modes, as well as all other members of the group in symmetric modes."

So can I implement ntp server redundancy for clients with two startum 1 devices .


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Setting up two NTP servers only provides failover if the failure kills the failing server. If one of the two servers fails to keep time but otherwise continues to function, clients have no means to determine which NTP server has lost its mind. That is the reason for recommending three or more. With three servers, majority rules can be used to detect which server has gone wild so it can be safely ignored.

So the answer to you question is "YES-BUT." YES, you can implement NTP server redundancy with only two servers. BUT your redundancy will be significantly less robust than it would be with three servers.

Good luck and have fun!

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