Cisco vpn transparent tunneling inactive

I am setting up and testing a windows pc to connect to a easy vpn server on on 2851 cisco router. Now in the lab we are testing there is no public ip available as it is within a university. So to simulate the internet we are using a router 7200 before the windows pc. The cisco

2851 router has 2 interfaces. The internal interface is on a subnet. We assingned a address to the external interface. The exernal interface of the 7200 router is and the internal interface is The client pc interface is on The vpn client is 4.0.5 version cisco vpn. Now the idea is to have a vpn tunnel between the 2851 router and the windows pc. We set the tunnel up between the and the addres and the remote pool bet to address. Now the conection is made but both on the server and the client the tunnel status is shown as down although everything else is up. On the client it shows transparent tunneling to be inactive although it is active using ipsec over udp. The client pc picks up an ip from the pool given in the server so the connection is made. A tracert from the client to internal address in the 2851 subnet)shows it reaches the server but doesnt know where to go from there. I am not sure how to fix this issue and make the 2851 subnet talk to the client talk to the subnet through the tunnel.Help needed. I am a novice and am using the gui available with the router

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