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Hi, I'm in a customer's office and I'm trying to vpn to my office. I can login using my cisco 4.6 vpn client and it was authenticated ok by my office's vpn cisco concentrator. But the problem is I can not ping / telnet to my office LAN. Can someone tell me what the customer needs to open up in his firewall, so i can access my office LAN >>>?? thanks for your help. jason

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Protocol 50.

Not protocol 6 (TCP) port 50, or protocol 17 (UDP) port 50, but Procotol 50, Encapsulated Security Procotol.

The router must actually support it.

Authentication is done over UDP 500, hence that part worked.


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Modify your VPN profile to enable transparent tunneling, in the Transport tab select "IPSEC over UDP". This must be enabled on the concentrator side as well.

Also make sure that your corporate network is different that your customers segment.

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