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I have a problem with getting a VPN setup with a client. At my end, we have a PIX with an external registered IP and and an internal private subnet. Basicly, the remote side can not route to any private IPs. They require connection to a registered IP. Registered peer and registered host. I have a block of registered IPs all on the same subnet. How do I establish a VPN between us and them while they aren't able to route to my internal addresses. I'm willing to change my internal addresses to anything. I guess this would be similiar to us both using the same internal IP range. How can I do this?



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There are two ways to do it:

  1. Policy NAT. Walter has tested that this will work even if the connection is initiated from the remote LAN.

access-list VPN_NAT permit ip [PRIVATE_IP(s)] [REMOTE_IP(s)] nat (inside) X access-list VPN_NAT global (outside) X [REGISTERED_IP(s)] 255.255.255.Y

(where X is a number, but not 0)

  1. Static NAT, because "nat (inside) 0" will override this if you need both NATted and non-NATted VPN accesses.

static (inside,outside) [REGISTERED_IP(s)] [PRIVATE_IP(s)] netmask


Check the NAT order table from the below link. Then you can select the method that suits you best.

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