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Vernon Hardapple
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Is it common for a Cisco PIX firewall to take minutes to log on? It looks unresponsive, and then:

Username: admin Password: ***** aaa server host machine not responding


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Make sure you don't have a virus on the network.... Happened to me a while ago with the wincalc.exe, paproxy.trojan or something like that, it was making thousands of connections outside, clogging my xlats, and randering access to thye PIX impossible Login to the PIX, sh xlat command, and see if you have multiple connections from certain machines. I'd take them offline, clean them and then take it from there. If you are unable to login to the pix, try rebooting the device without any insiders attached to it. Hope it helps your troubleshooting

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Julian Dragut

It's not common, from the text you've posted it sounds like it's set up to use an AAA server which isn't available so it's taking some time before that process times out and it authenticates you locally.

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