Cisco owned (linksys wet11b) is cisco failing to see market demands?

Linksys tech support have not got the answers I'm looking for? I'm looking for a wireless ethernet client bridge with TX power management. The linksys wet11b is a good quality unit and I would order them by the hundred if the TX output could be adjusted to suit the legal EIRP of the locality. The unit has a detachable antenna allowing the user to use a directional external antenna with increased gain allowing greater transmission distance if the TX output could be adjusted to make it legal. Cisco have failed to provide suitable wirless compliant hardware for the uk on the 5.8Ghz C band, are they going the same way for 2.4Ghz? Proxim came up with the goods in tsunami at the right price so I ordered in quantity following field trials and they work well. Is cisco so ignorant of market demands? Have they grown too big to respond to market demands? All they have to do is to provide an abillity to adjust the TX output on the Wet11b and I would place orders in quantity. Madness. Does anybody know if its possible to adjust the TX output on the WET11B? Any suggestions for an alternative manufacturer offering a unit with the facillity to adjust the TX output will be gratefully received.



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