Cisco 5505 VPN interface not pingable


It's been a long long time that I haven't touch a PIX or ASA appliance, and I'm very very rusty.

I just bought a Cisco 5505, did setup some stuff in there nothing to fancy. But I have trouble with this:

The IP of my internal LAN is I have a VPN tunnel open between site X and this 5505 (site Y), this VPN tunnel is created between 2 on my internal LAN (X: and Y: I have also a Cisco 2960 POE switch (

When I'm on my network site Y ( I can ping/telnet (5505) and (switch)

When I'm on my network site X ( I can NOT ping/telnet (5505) but I can ping/telnet

What I'm missing ? I'm sure it is a single thing.

Thanks for your help

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You need to enable it for the interface you want to ping.

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