cisco 2908 XL and vlans

When i first started w/ this box it had IOS v. 11.2(8)SA2 std which did not offer any Vlan support. By going to I was able to upgrade the router to V. 11.2(8)SA4 enterprise edition.

I now have a few questions about Vlans and setting them up.

With this new version of the OS I was able to create several new Vlans by issuing


#vlan database (vlan)#v vlan 2 name workstations exit

That makes the Vlan for me and then I'm able to assign ports to the new vlan by doing #config t (configure)# int FastE0/8 (where 0/8 is the blade and port number) (config-if)# switchport access vlan 2 End

Now when I try and do a # config t (configure)# int vlan 2

If gives an error at the 2 mark.

So I then do an int vlan ? and it gives Vlan Interface number.

But I just made vlan2.

What must I do to be able to give it a management interface ip?

Also... My end goal is to be able to take those two ports and make what ever is connected to them have a different Ip range.

I have set up a new scope on my dhcp server and I am aware that I will have to setup a DHCP relay host on the switch, but before I do that I would like to get the Vlan it's self working.

Can you offer any help here?


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ssign ports to the

you have to disable the layer three interface of vlan1. just do a conf t -> int vlan1 -> shut then you should be able to work with the other vlans.

vlan1 is some sort of cisco internal managment vlan, dont ask me about the details but the solution works.

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That solution does not work for me at all.

When i do #int vlan ? It only gives me option .

I try #int vlan2 and it gives the error pointer at the 2.

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any idea??

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The 2908XL is a layer-2 only switch.

You can only use multiple 'int vlan x' commands on a layer-3 switch.

On a layer-2 only switch, you only have one 'int vlan x', and that is only used for management. You only get one management interface. You don't need to configure an 'int vlan x' for each VLAN, nor does that make sense for most operations.

If you don't want to use VLAN 1 as your management VLAN, newer code revs let you shutdown 'int vlan 1' and assign your single management vlan interface as another vlan you have defined.

But ultimately, you still only get one management vlan interface.

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Doug McIntyre

Ok cool.

Now is it possible for me to break away some ports and make what ever is plugged into them have a different Ip pool then thigns plugged into the rest of the ports?

if so.. what is the general way of doing so?

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What do you mean by "ip pool"?

Do you want seperate VLANs with some ports in some and some ports in another?

int FastE 0/0 switchport access vlan 100 int FastE 0/1 switchport access vlan 100 int FastE 0/2 switchport access vlan 200 int FastE 0/3 switchport access vlan 200

Now ports 0 & 1 can talk in one vlan, and won't be able to talk to ports 2 & 3 which are in a different vlan.

If you mean something else by IP pool, you'll have to remember this is a layer-2 switch. If you want anything dealing at a higher layer (ie. handing out IP addresses, routing IP addresses, etc), you'll have to throw a router into the mix here to do those functions.

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