Cisco 1720 cannot run 12.3T IOS images??

Hi All,

I've a cisco 1720 router with maxed ram/flash (48/16) wich seems to be unable to run 12.3T IP ADSL IPX AT IBM FW IDS PLUS IPSEC 3DES IOS images.

It should as far as I know looking at

formatting link

1720 is listed as a supported router for c1700-bk9no3r2sy7-mz 12.3T images.

I've tryed with 12.3.7T and 12.3.11T but router complains about insufficient memory on boot, recommending a smaller image.

So now what? 1720 is a supported router but it needs more ram than its max in order to be supported?

TIA for any insights David

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