Checking DRAM slots on a 2610XM


Is there an IOS command to check what DRAM slots are currently being used and how much DRAM is in them? The router currently has 96MB installed and I need to get 128MB.


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Peter Danes
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do not know


Upgrading System Memory, Internal Flash, and Boot ROM in Cisco 2600 Series Routers

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Table 2 3.3-V SDRAM Part Numbers

Memory Size 3.3-V SDRAM 32 MB 15-4108-xx

64 MB 15-4508-xx

128 MB 15-8693-xx

by looking at the memory size available, then I would think you have one 64 MB DIMM and one 32 MB DIMM

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try the command "show c2600-always"

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or perhaps just show c2600 | inc DIMM

HUB#sh c2600 | inc DIMM DIMM Slot 0: DIMM Type : Dual-bank DIMM Size : 32MBytes DIMM Slot 1: DIMM Type : Dual-bank DIMM Size : 32MBytes

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