asa 5510 snmp monitoring L2L


There is some oid to monitoring traffic on Lan2Lan tunnel ? I have 8.0(3)12

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There are some OIDs that let you monitor IKE or IPSEC in/out octets as though they were an interface, but not each individual SA [as far as I know].

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Check out VPNTTG (VPN Tunnel Traffic Grapher) is a software for monitoring Cisco ASA IPSec Tunnel traffic.

Advantage of VPNTTG over other SNMP based monitoring software's is following: Other (commonly used) software's are working with static OID numbers, i.e. whenever tunnel disconnects and reconnects, it gets assigned a new OID number. This means that the historical data, gathered on the connection, is lost each time. However, VPNTTG works with VPN peer's IP address and it stores for each VPN tunnel historical monitoring data into the Database.

For more information about VPNTTG please visit

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