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I have a general Question concerning ASA releases. Cisco released Version

8.0.5.ED on Nov.3 2009. Release 8.2.1.ED was released in May 2009. Can anybody tell me the differences between these releases. I am a little confused because a lower Version Number (8.0.x) is released later than a higher release number (8.2.x) Why is that?

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Andy Doe
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Cisco maintains multiple code trains for each device, so people can stay in the same general code rev and not be blindsided by new features or difference in how things work but still apply bugfixes.

Cisco generally has their version number scheme be MAJOR.MINOR(BUGFIX)

Thus, 8.0(5)ED would generally be the 8th Major release, in the 0th's minor train, and the 5th bugfix release.

8.2(1) is 8th Major release, 2nd minor train, and 1st bugfix release.

Since they maintain multiple codetrains at the same time, when a bug is found, it could be applied to 8.0, 8.2, 7.2, 7.1, etc. . Sometimes the bug might not exist or be already fixed in another train.

Ie. 8.0(4)ED was release in 10/Aug/2008, 8.2(1) is the first release for that minor code train. Not sure what 8.2(1.11) was.

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Doug McIntyre

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Annoyingly enough the Feature Navigator [] doesn't seem to cope with ASA.

It's common practice to keep releasing updates for different branches of a piece of software, for example to fix bugs and security issues. This appears to be less common for consumer-oriented software.

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