I have a Cisco 2650 Router. My ISP has given me two blocks. 66.x.x.226

- 230, and 201.x.x.250-254. the first block works fine. I need to add the second block to ARP I think, or I dont know how to check if they ar added to the router. Any IDEa.

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Not sure I understand. You don't add IP addresses "to ARP". What does your existing config look like? Usually you would either add the new range to your interface as a secodnary address or just route it to a firewall or another router. It all depends on what you want to acheive.


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You will probably need to add an ARP entry for the external IP addresses on your external firewall so that it knows what IP addresses to listen on. We have static ARPs for our external IPs and bind them to the relevent interface.


201.x.x.250 is incoming mail traffic, so you bind that to the interface that proceses mail. 201.x.x.251 is incoming web traffic, so you bind it to the interface that has your web server on it.

etc etc..

HTH Steve

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