allowing IPSEC traffic through Pix 515E


I have searched high and low for this answer and cannot find anything like this. I have a vendor that requires us to use thier VPN device to connect to thier network. This device is configured to ping an external server and if there is a response to connect to the secure server located there over the internet. If there is no response then it completes a dial backup. only certain clients have access to the VPN device, routing is working because if I turn the pings off the clients can access the web server successfully over the dial backup. When I turn ping back on we get a page cannot be displayed error (i am seeing the ping successes), meaning the IPSEC tunnel is not making it through the firewall. IAW with vendor instructions I have enabled ESP-IKE fixup protocol and created static rules for port 50 and 500

My questions follow,

  1. what am I missing? I found references to ISAKMP NAT traversal, but in order to enable that I need to disable the ESP-IKE protocol. I only have one client on the inside of the firewall that is creating and accessing the tunnel (the users connect through this device) everything I have found on ESP-IKE is that it should work.
  2. Is there another port I need to enable?
  3. The bottom line is I want to allow the IPSEC tunnel from the internal device to pass through the firewall untouched.

I do not have access at all to the vendor device

rules static (inside,outside) udp interface isakmp isakmp netmask 0 0 static (inside,outside) tcp interface 500 500 netmask 0 0 static (inside,outside) tcp interface 50 50 netmask 0 0 map

PIX 515E | | Switch | | Vendor Device (cisco 1711)

Thanks in advance for all your help John

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Here is a sample for configuring PIX to allow IPSec thru.

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You only need to permit ESP protocol and udp 500 port (ISAKMP) from outside.

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