DHCP through IPsec

Ok all, this is my scenario.

I have DHCP serving all of my internal users with no problem at all, on different networks. I also have many clinics etc, connected to us by an IPsec VPN tunnel done via a Cisco PIX to another PIX... This is the problem - DHCP is picking up OK, IP address/mask/gateway etc, but what isn't being picked up are DNS suffixes etc. This for some reason seems to be affecting our AD policy, and stops it being enforced on our PC's. Our firewall does not block any ports for these connections. This is not a DHCP misconfiguration as it works fine locally, and all scopes are identical.

Would anyone have come across like anything like this before?

The closest guess I can get here is a MTU setting, but am not too sure.

Any advice here?

Many thanks.


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I use a hub and spoke topology with a PIX 515E as the hub, and PIX 501Es as the spokes.


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